How are Custody and Support Issues Handled With Teenage Parents?

August 9, 2023

Legally Speaking, Custody and Support Matters in the Case of Teenage Parents are not Handled Differently than Those of Adult Parents in New Jersey. However, Particular Considerations Arise, Especially for Grandparent Involvement. Although it is a less-than-ideal situation, teen pregnancies happen.  In New Jersey, teenage pregnancy rates have dropped by 68% for teens aged 14 and 15 over the past five years.  The rate for teenagers aged 16 and 17 has dropped by nearly 42%.  The state of New Jersey […]

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Divorce for CEOs Comes with Unique Complications

May 23, 2023

Divorce For CEOs can be Increasingly Complicated, With Effects on Both Spouses Facing Executive Divorce in New Jersey. Running any business is time-consuming. But running a corporation with employees and shareholders is all-consuming, as a company’s performance depends on the decisions of a few. And when companies struggle, shareholders look to the CEO for answers. The CEO is the most powerful of the executives running for-profit companies. Though they typically earn high salaries for their day and night efforts, that […]

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Consequences of Failure to Pay Child Support While in Prison in NJ

March 5, 2023

Can my Child’s Other Parent Stop Making Payments if in Jail in New Jersey? With a dramatic increase in divorce rates and an incarceration rate that has increased by 500% in the past forty years, it is no wonder that child support issues arise when the payor of said support is in prison.  According to E.A. Carson’s article Prisoners in 2019, sourced by the Bureau of Justice Statistics, There are more than 2 million people incarcerated and another 5 million […]

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Effects of Significant Change of Circumstances After Divorce in NJ

December 10, 2022

Significant Changes After Divorce May Require the Modification of Crucial Legal Documents Like the Divorce Decree, Child Support Obligations, or Alimony Once the divorce is over, and the decree is signed, you may believe you have nothing to do. You and your ex have your property shares, alimony orders, and child support and custody orders. But life changes post-divorce, and so do your family’s needs. Children grow up, parties remarry, and one party may lose a job or get a […]

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Organizing the Payment of Extracurricular Activities in New Jersey

November 23, 2022

Concerned About How to Handle Extracurricular Activities Expenses Before or After the Custody Agreement is Sealed? Every parent wants their child to succeed and enjoy their childhood. Playing sports, participating in clubs such as art, theater, or robotics, and receiving lessons such as music or voice can enrich a child’s experiences. Extracurricular activities teach perseverance, a work ethic, discipline, and in some cases, teamwork. But when it comes to paying for these activities, exes may have a heated discussion about […]

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