Estate Planning & Child Power of Attorney During COVID-19: Why Parents Should Name a Temporary Guardian

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Estate Planning & Child Power of Attorney During COVID-19: Why Parents Should Name a Temporary GuardianThe COVID-19 pandemic and the removal or a small number of children from the homes of parents incapacitated by COVID-19 has caused many families to consider earlier than expected, the idea of estate planning and naming a temporary guardian or caregiver for their child, via a child power of attorney (POA), should a parent or co-parent die or become seriously incapacitated by the coronavirus. Regardless if you’re happily married, separated, considering divorce litigation, or are unmarried parents living in separate households, contacting a trusted family attorney regarding child custody and to help you get your affairs and finances in order will ensure that all relevant considerations are taken into account and that your family, finances, and business interests are provided for in a practical and least disruptive as possible manner.

As COVID-19 infection rate risks across the country, if you, your spouse, or co-parent falls ill or for some reason are unable to provide 100% care for your child, the NJ Dept. of Children and Families (DCF) is now recommending parents put a Child Power of Attorney (POA) in place naming a temporary guardian for their child(ren).

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Proactive Crisis Planning if a Parent Becomes Ill Avoids Unnecessary Trauma

Preparing for death or a serious illness is not something that anyone necessarily enjoys doing. However ensuring the wellbeing of your loved ones if you die, if done properly, can help you feel empowered and prepared any eventualities.

Being proactive also means avoiding unnecessary trauma to your child and overloading of the foster care system. Since a parent’s mental or physical health can become relevant when determining child custody, is important to remember that New Jersey courts will always hold a child’s best interest (New Jersey code N.J.S.A. 9:2-4) as the standard for deciding child custody cases.

If you are wondering how to handle the possibility of you or your co-parent getting sick during these unstable times, you are not alone. Flexibility, collaboration, clear communication, and the ability to compromise with your spouse or co-parent are key components to ensuring your child is taken care of, should the worse come to pass.

Creating Power of Attorney & Selecting a Temporary Guardian Means Peace of Mind

The NJ Dept. of Children and Families (DCF) strongly recommends that parents put a child power of attorney in place naming a temporary guardian or caregiver for their child(ren) and that parents discuss these plans with the temporary guardian in advance. Equally important is that the actual power of attorney document(s) (i.e., birth certificate, health and school records, wills, etc) be kept on file at home, shared with your attorney, and if necessary, presented to a medical professional.

Contact a Passaic County Estate Planning & Child Power of Attorney Lawyer TodaySadly, with the uncertainty of the coronavirus and without a contingency plan in place, if a parent falls ill with COVID-19 and no temporary guardian has been established, the child may be put in foster care. In order to avoid unnecessary trauma to one’s child and an overload of the foster care system, parents should consult a trusted family law attorney in order to name a suitable temporary guardian of their own choosing and develop a COVID-19 Family Prep Kit with the appropriate important family documents. Pursuant to NJ Rev Stat § 3B:12-39  a power of attorney plan ensures that your child(ren) will be cared for and if necessary, have access to medical treatment.

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