What Can I Expect from my Passaic County Family Law Consultation?

Included in the New Jersey Super Lawyers List for several years, founding partner with the law firm Darren J. Del Sardo, Esq., in the following video goes over the importance of knowing your rights as a parent and how to assert those rights with professional and legal assistance from The Montanari Law Group.

Family Law Consultations from Divorce to Custody, Alimony to Asset Distribution

Clients come in often, we do a lot of consultations for Family Law. We talk about divorce. We talk about custody. We talk about alimony. We talk about equitable distribution. All of these things are separate and apart from one another, you may be entitled to alimony, but you may not have many assets to distribute.

Parents Rights in NJ Child Custody Issues

Child custody, some people, want custody of their children, some people want to see their children every day, or every other day. Clients come in here a lot of times with only the information that they hear from third parties who are not attorneys. We talk to them; we reassure them that they have rights. That they are here for us to assert those rights. No parent should be left without seeing their child. No parent should be left without having legal custody of their child or at least attempting to gain custody if they want custody. No parent should be left in the cold. It is our job to assert your rights as a parent, to assert your rights as a person that is soon to be divorced.

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