Mental Health During Divorce

Divorce is amongst the most stressful experiences many of us go through in our lifetimes. Sudden change, feelings of loss, and betrayal all can lead to serious mental health complications which can feel debilitating. Fortunately, with some preparation and knowledge in your corner, these health concerns can be mitigated and addressed. Divorce can be emotionally devastating and may feel like a hopeless situation, but as with many challenges, the effects are in fact temporary.

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Passaic County, NJ Divorce Lawyers Discuss Mental Health Tips

It can be easy to get wrapped up in the logistical and legal concerns surrounding divorce such as division of assets, child supportchild custodyalimony, and much more. The entire divorce process can feel hectic and rushed, leaving our mental state in a fragile place even without the added emotional stress of the separation itself. Here are a few simple ways to keep mentally healthy during a divorce:

Seek help – either from family, friends, or a mental health professional. Keeping emotions bottled up can lead to outbursts, uncharacteristic behavior, and even mental health illnesses such as depression and anxiety. Speaking about what you are experiencing is a healthy way of getting things off of your chest.

Look forward to the future – dwelling on the past can be a natural consequence of experiencing a serious loss. Divorce is no different. Many of us will ruminate on what we did wrong, the way things used to be (even if we romanticize and bend the truth), and completely forget about the rest of our lives. Odds are no matter what the circumstances of your divorce, it took place because your marriage was not healthy. Looking forward to the possibilities in your future is a great first step towards letting go.

Identify and deal with stress – taking the time to build in relaxing and decompressing activities into our schedules is a helpful tool towards dealing with stress. While moving at 100 miles per hour can be tempting in order to ignore the issues at hand, taking some time to relax is both healthy and useful in times of crisis.

Wayne Family Law Attorneys Identify the Benefits of Physical Wellness

Most people are aware that physical fitness goes hand in hand with mental health. However, too few of us actually put this principal to use in our own lives. When going through a divorce, staying physically healthy by doing these three things drastically reduces the chances of developing other mental health issues.

Exercise regularly – even ten (10) minute bursts of exercise have been shown to improve brain function, mood, and energy levels. Regular exercise also is directly linked to lessening symptoms of anxiety, depression, and other mental illnesses which can be brought on by stress.

Healthy Diet – in times of great stress, many individuals experience extreme weight gain or weight loss. This can be partially due to a proclivity to either binge eat or skip meals during these difficult periods. Beyond maintaining a healthy body, a nutritious and balanced diet also affects your mood and the levels of stress hormones in your system.

Avoid Alcohol and Tobacco – Alcohol is a depressant and tobacco is a stimulant. Both temporarily alter our brain chemistry, giving a false and short lived feeling of relief. These band-aid solutions generally lead to worsened mental health as they can become a crutch. This is, of course, in addition to the damage that both drinking and smoking already does to the body.

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