Making The Holidays Less Stressful After Divorce

Making the holidays less stressful after divorce

The holiday season is in full swing, and while it’s meant to be a time of family and togetherness, it’s also prime time for many divorced parents to face issues. Having to share your time with your children during the holiday season is understandably difficult for many parents, but it’s important to put the needs and best interests of the children above all else.

One of the best things you can do for your family during this difficult time is to focus on open communication and flexibility. There may be holiday programs, parties or just family traditions that require a little more coordination of schedules this season, and the more compassion and kindness you can show your ex the better. Remember to keep all communications civil and focused on the children, and if things start to devolve, stick to written communication such as texts or emails.

While flexibility is important, so is being considerate of the other party and doing your best to plan ahead. If you know that you need to make some changes to the usual holiday parenting schedule, be courteous and provide your ex as much notice as possible. Acknowledge that you are asking for a change and present several options if possible so your ex can choose what fits best with his or her life as well.

It’s also normal for issues surrounding child custody exchanges or parenting schedules to come to a head this season. If you are having difficulty dealing with your ex-spouse or have questions about a modification to your existing court order moving forward, talking to a family law attorney can help.


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