What Are Some Signs Of Domestic Violence

What are some signs of domestic violence?

A case of domestic violence might seem obvious to those outside of a relationship, but for the person being abused and even people close to him or her, domestic violence isn’t always easy to spot. Domestic violence doesn’t always come in the form of overt hitting, so being aware of some examples of abusive behavior can help victims recognize a situation and seek assistance.

Often, domestic violence is about control. The abuser might tell the victim that they never do anything right, show jealousy when the victim seeks outside enjoyment of any type, create situations that trap the victim at home or overtly refuse to let the victim leave or do certain things. Often, an abuser will attempt to cut a victim off from other social and family interactions as a way to exert more control.

In social situations, an abuser might emotionally or verbally abuse the victim. This can take the form of calling the victim names, shaming or putting the victim down or simply being unrelenting in condescending behavior toward the other person.

Other controlling behavior common in an abuse relationship includes taking money away from the victim, refusing to provide money or insisting that the victim remain in constant contact at all times. Some abusers will even use GPS tracking to be aware of the victim’s whereabouts at all times.

More obvious examples of domestic violence and abuse include threats, actions that scare the victim and actual physical violence against the victim, the victim’s loved ones or the victim’s possessions. If you are in a situation of abuse, it’s critical that you seek assistance as soon as possible via a local shelter or other professional organization. Once you are safe, you can seek legal remedies such as retraining orders or divorce.

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