Rutherford Forced To Return Children To Monaco

Rutherford forced to return children to Monaco

In the latest development of the ongoing and intensively media covered custody battle between “Gossip Girl” actress Kelly Rutherford and her ex-husband Daniel Giersch, Rutherford was forced to return the children to Monaco and continue the fight to bring her children back to the United States permanently in the other country.

After two U.S. state courts ruled they did not have jurisdiction over the custody case, Rutherford was told she must return her children to Monaco at the end of their summer visitation period. While she initially refused, she did eventually produce the children at an Aug. 11 hearing, where they left with their paternal grandmother to fly back to the country they have been living in the past few years.

While the visitation and custody was reportedly originally ordered because Giersch was not able to travel to the United States due to issues with his visa, Rutherford later claimed she could no longer afford to travel to Monaco on a regular basis to have the children. Both have accused the other parent of parental alienation at some point in the lengthy dispute.

This case is a very clear example of how even with the best of planning and research, custody cases do not always work out as you might expect. Every case is unique, and many times the decisions made in family courts are largely determined by the judge, other court officers such as a guardian ad litem, and the statutes specific to that state. It’s always important to discuss all possible outcomes, from best- to worst-case scenario with your attorney to ensure you are prepared.

Source: Ledger Gazette, “Kelly Rutherford Fights Back Tears, Loses Sole Custody Battle Of Two Children,” David Hodapp, Aug. 14, 2015


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