Domestic Violence Is A Problem Among Same Sex Couples As Well

Even though same-sex marriage is not considered legal nationwide at this time, public acceptance of same-sex relationships and even legal unions between partners is gaining popularity.

According to Freedom to Marry, 37 states now recognize and allow same-sex marriages. But with the U.S. Supreme Court scheduled to hear arguments both for and against same-sex marriage bans, some believe that this number could eventually rise to include all states.

Although a same-sex relationship may look different on the outside, they are no different from any other relationship in the nation. Just like heterosexual couples, same-sex couples can also encounter disputes and have arguments that may require assistance from legal representation down the road. And even though we might not realize it, same-sex couples also experience another issue some may not consider: domestic violence.

According to a 2014 Reuters article, same-sex couples are just as likely — if not more likely — to experience domestic violence than opposite-sex couples. This may be the case, some psychologists say, because same-sex couples are oftentimes under more pressure and stress than opposite-sex couples. Same-sex couples must grapple with societal acceptance as well as acceptance from their own families. This can put increased strain on some individuals who might be prone to abuse their spouse.

This should in no way appear as an excuse for abusing a spouse or partner though, only to show that domestic violence is an issue among all types of couples.

As our New Jersey readers know, domestic violence is typically considered a good reason to leave a relationship. Some spouses feel overwhelmed though by the thought of leaving and might have questions like: where will I go? Will the courts give me protection? If children are involved, what will happen to them?

We’d like to note for our readers that these are questions that can all be answered by a skilled lawyer who understands the importance of getting out of an abusive or violent relationship. This goes for both heterosexual and homosexual couples alike and is a service we’d like to extend to our readers.


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