Mother Facing Charges After Bloomingdale Hostage Situation

Mother facing charges after Bloomingdale hostage situation

Friends, relatives and neighbors of a Bloomingdale family are likely still expressing relief after some tense hours last week. Authorities report that they were called out to a situation in which the safety of two young children was in question because of a potential for domestic violence at the hands of their mother.

The situation, which authorities were handling as a hostage crisis, ended without violence when the woman surrendered herself to police. She is now facing multiple charges that include allegations of cruelty and neglect to children, endangering the welfare of children and a count of possessing a weapon for unlawful purposes.

This is the kind of circumstance that often prompts questions about what remedies may be available under New Jersey law to provide victims of domestic violence, or those who fear they could be victims, assurances of security.

The answer might involve some form of restraining order. Terms of such orders may vary depending on the situation. Speaking to an attorney is always advised so you know what your rights and options are.

The case in Bloomingdale unfolded last Tuesday. Authorities say a woman called 911 just a little after 10 a.m. reporting that something was “horribly wrong.” She reportedly said she was in her home with her children, ages 5 and 7, and that there were also weapons in the home. She said something bad was going to happen.

Officers from five communities and the Passaic County Sheriff’s SWAT and Hostage Negotiator teams responded. A standoff continued for the next two hours. Officials say that during that time, a dispatcher for Pompton Lakes and hostage negotiators undertook efforts to end the situation calmly.

After repeated cut-off phone calls and revived conversations, officials say the woman came out with her children and was taken into custody. The children were reportedly placed in the care of a family member.

Attention must now be focused on looking out for the safety of the children going forward and on ensuring that the woman who has been charged has the benefit of experienced legal counsel.

Source:, “Bloomingdale police release details of hostage situation,” Bryan La Placa, March 26, 2014


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