Holidays Often Delay Divorce Filings

Holidays often delay divorce filings

The decision to file for divorce is rarely an easy one. For most people residing in the state of New Jersey, following that course of action will result in a big change to not only their life, but others as well. While the stresses that often accompany this time of year highlight reasons why someone might want to file for divorce from his or her spouse, the various family activities that are common as a part of the holidays may act as a temporary deterrent. Going through the traditions that have been cultivated in the course of one’s marriage is often bittersweet.

Individuals living in Passaic County who find themselves in this position are not alone. Not wanting to ruin others’ “holiday cheer” is likely part of why January is known as “divorce month.” When January rolls around and the holiday decorations and gifts are put away, like individuals in other parts of the country, residents of New Jersey may decide the time is right to take action to dissolve their marriage. Depending on one’s circumstances, during the course of the divorce the following matters may be addressed:

  • Property division
  • Child custody and visitation
  • Alimony
  • Child support

The agreements reached regarding each of these matters will potentially impact one’s life for years to come. Accordingly, it is imperative that when the divorce is finalized, one walks away with the best possible settlement. While it is possible to modify these agreements after the fact, that is not always an easy task. In either situation, for best results most find it beneficial to work with a divorce lawyer.

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