Domestic Violence Can Take Many Forms

Domestic violence can take many forms

Many New Jersey residents feel certain that they know the difference between an act of violence and a routine disagreement between partners. However, it is not uncommon for individuals to draw different lines when it comes to what type of behavior is acceptable between partners in a romantic relationship. It is important to delineate the difference between having a heated argument and engaging in an act of domestic violence, and to underscore the fact that no level of physical altercation is justified between people who love one another.

Whenever there is a physical act of aggression between partners, domestic violence has taken place. It does not matter if the result does not include bleeding or bruising, or how painful the experience was for either party. The act of bringing physical harm to one’s partner out of anger or an intent to control that person is an act of domestic violence, even if no direct physical contact took place.

An excellent example lies in the recent arrest of a popular soap opera star, Aiden Turner. According to reports, Turner threw a television remote control at his girlfriend while the two were engaged in a n argument. The woman sustained a cut near her eye and bruising. While it does not appear that Turner struck the woman or harmed her in any other way, his choice to throw an object toward her out of anger is considered domestic violence, for which he was arrested and now faces four misdemeanor charges.

In summation, domestic violence can take a number of forms, and it can be difficult to know whether an altercation has crossed the line. For those in New Jersey who feel that they have been subjected to violence at the hands of their partner, it is important to take steps toward learning more about their rights under state law. There are steps that can be taken to address domestic violence and protect victims, and allowing continued acts of aggression can lead to a dangerous pattern of abuse.

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