Child Support Sweep Nets 25 Individuals On Back Support Charges

Child support sweep nets 25 individuals on back support charges

Child support is a high priority public policy concern in the United States, and as always, a resistant, festering sore that eats away at our collective national psyche. High percentages of child support orders remain uncollected in New Jersey and on a national level, casting an aspersion on the moral fiber of American domestic society. No matter how tough child support enforcement gets, however, it operates under the shadow of one reality: as long as people don’t want to support their children the battle will continue without resolution.

Recently in New Jersey the Cape May County Sheriff’s Office came up with a somewhat new approach: go out and round up the offenders in massive sweeps instead of trying to find one at a time. The County Sheriff arrested 25 people on child support charges in one sweep recently. Out of the 25 arrested apparently 15 went to jail.

In most states, incarceration for violating a child custody order can result in weeks or months of imprisonment. The offenders claim that they can’t make any money trapped in jail cell. However, because some didn’t make payments for years on end, it may be necessary to instill the reality of prison on the neglectful mind. Generally, those incarcerated must be released within a specified time and cannot be held on indiscriminate or unspecified terms.

There are a variety of state statutes for not paying child support. Essentially, the crime is punished by imprisonment for violating a court order of child support. For those under a support order who are suffering hardship and sincerely struggling to make payments relief may be available by discussing the problem with child support officers or with a family law attorney.

In New Jersey, collection efforts have come up with yet another use for the social media. The Cape May Sheriff noted that there is a list of outstanding warrants on the Sheriff’s Facebook page, and that people can use a special app to turn in someone anonymously. Those parents who need initial counseling and guidance through the child support maze can consult with a family law attorney at any time for beneficial assistance.

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